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My two strongest post I would have to say are about when you think you know fake news and Online Dating Apps, Dangerous?.

In my blog about the fake news I asked the reader to read through a list of possible fake news stories. To quote from

Heart attack gun made by the CIA link  link.  the bullets of the gun are made with ice and a poison found in shell fish. when shot into a person, the ice melts and releases the toxin which causes a heart attack. the toxin becomes undetectable between the time of death and an autopsy. the size of the hole left is about the size of an injection site of a shot.


Does this sound like real news or fake news?

I’ll give you another one,

Women’s clothing companies are making women’s pockets small and non-existent to make them purchase pocket books and purses.

After the reader reads through the entire list I reveal to them that every story I mentioned on the blog is true. The first link given for each story is a government agency website.

Now according to the about blogs section on moodle.



For the first objective, people are most definitely engaged in and motivated from conspiracy theories which are fiction every single day. According to this article by Think Big at least one half of people in America believe in a conspiracy theory in any year. Having 50% percent of people is a lot of people, and yes they talk. Conspiracy theories are definitely an extension to fake news because most conspiracy theories are fake news and a lot of fake news are conspiracy theories.

According to this article on moodle, Wikipedia is very reliable, so I can use it in here as evidence.

But this Wikipedia  article on tinder says that 50 million people are using tinder every month. The app is in over 40 different languages and  the Bank of America Merrill Lynch valued them at $1.35 billion. And I added to the Tinder conversation from class with safety advise.


In this article on what makes a good blog from, it says not to write too much and give them rhetoric questions, both of which I have done on my blogs.


I just personally like these posts the best, when I went through all my old blogs these two just stuck out. Okay, to be honest, they just didn’t incite the following reaction.


















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